Where is Dubai Located on the Map?

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Dubai Map

Dubai is one of the nicest cities in the modern world and has everything any tourist could ever want. It is truly a paradise of the rich and famous and if you have enough money to splurge on a five star vacation, Dubai is the place to start and more than likely end. Dubai is located within the United Arab Emirates, abbreviated U.A.E. For short, and is toward the northern tip of the country. The U.A.E. Is located just south or Iran and next to Saudi Arabia and is generally hot all year round. Because it is a desert, almost everything within the city must be flown in as nothing can be grown there. Just like Los Angeles where the palm trees can’t be maintained by rainwater alone, many of the plants within Dubai are given the same treatment.

Although Dubai is very near the Persian Gulf, it doesn’t get much rain fall each year. Tourists are generally left drenched in sweat as soon as they step outside of the hotel. The Persian Gulf beaches aren’t that far of a drive, but if you’re interested in a true beach holiday, Dubai may not be the place to go. Some tourists from the “Western World” often shy away from Dubai because of its proximity to Iran and Saudi Arabia. There is often fear of terrorism at Western tourist hot spots and hotels that aren’t protected by security guards. While the risk is technically there, Dubai is by far one of the safest tourist cities in the world.

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