Where is Dubai Located? – What Can You Do There?

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Dubai is a wonderful and prosperous city in the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. Many people who live there make a living in many different ways. Large construction projects are always underway in Dubai and some large enough involving the construction of actual islands that are going to be residential and resort areas that people could visit in the near future. Some of the most famous landmarks are still in production and many people refer to Dubai as one of the most industrious cities in the world.

Currently, Dubai is full of many things to do. Many shopping malls as well as locations to do major purchasing are located around the whole of Dubai. As many as 250,000 south Asian laborers work in construction projects every day. Some of the largest buildings in the world are under construction as well as some of the most unique pieces of modern architecture to date. Beautiful cityscapes as well as semi-tropical feel to the land in developed areas make this a wonderful vacation area. Anyone making a trip to Dubai must make it a priority to see some of the most unique structures in the area.

Dubai has doubled in population in one decade and is expected to grow much more within the next decade. Dubai is made up of a multicultural society so you will be able to see a mixture of many cultures in entertainment, cuisine and everything else. You are not limited to a shortage of cultural experiences. Some of the most admired sports and entertainment outlets are available in Dubai. Sports such as Football and Cricket are very popular and both Hollywood and Bollywood movies make a big hit there. It is important to remember that this land is special and undergoing many changes. The Dubai you know now will be different a decade from now, and even more different a decade from then!

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Top Tourist Attractions In Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most impressive and spectacular spots you will be able to visit in the world. This is one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. It is a modern city-state that can easily shock with its wealth. Visiting Dubai and spending a vacation here will surely be a one of kind experience. A desert city with unique infrastructure, Dubai is quite a popular tourist destination. If you plan on spending a couple of days here, you can rest assured that your trip will be fantastic.

Below you can find a list of the most impressive tourist attractions in Dubai. Make sure to include them into your route and you will definitely not be sorry.

1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab, or the Tower of the Arabs, is one the most impressive attractions of Dubai. Actually, this is a 7 star hotel that resembles a billowing sail. It is a unique structure in the world. Burj Al Arab has a height of 321 meters. It is the 4th tallest hotel in the world and it surely dominates the skyline of the city. If you are going to be in Dubai, there is no way you could miss it. An iconic symbol of the city, Burj Al Arab will offer visitors the possibility to take unique photos. The views from the top of the hotel are absolutely breathtaking.


2. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the largest tower in the world. The highest viewing platform in the world, this venue should not be missed either when being in Dubai. At the top of this building you will find an observatory from where you can admire the entire beauty of the city. In this 828 meter high building there are housed a series of offices, residential homes, but also commercial properties.


3. Palm Island

Palm Island is the one place you just cannot miss when visiting Dubai. This is the perfect location to be in for a wonderful vacation. Hotels, tourist attractions, but also luxury fashion and shopping malls can be found here. This is an amazing place to relax in, but also a venue in which you can find unique entertainment. Spas, pools, gardens, water sport areas, aquariums, theme parks, beautiful beaches, bars and clubs, everything you may desire can be found here. Palm Island is actually considered to be the 8th Wonder of the World.


Naturally, there are many other spectacular attractions you can find in Dubai. Some of the most impressive ones include Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain, Mall of the Emirates, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Creek and Dubai Museum. Make sure to include as many of these spots of interest into your route and your vacation will turn out to be the best one you have ever had.

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Best Restaurants In Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most fascinating places in the world, but if you will visit it you will need to face a lot of bans and prohibitions. The Arabic world has its own rules that you need to obey while visiting, but you can make sure this won’t take away its charm. And there is one thing you really need to enjoy while discovering Dubai: food. The culture of food is very rich  here and no matter if you will try traditional dishes of the international cuisine, you will observe that food is made with passion in this exotic place. Dubai is a melting pot, so no wonder we desire to recommend you five restaurants where you will have the chance to taste the best foods of this world.

La Cite


With a large menu which covers the best of the international cuisine, La Cite is a restaurant that will surely impress you. The breakfast and the lunch are very rich and tasty and the dinner is very delicate and select. 

The location of the establishment is on Baniyas Street.



If you are a fan of the Chinese cuisine, you will love this sophisticated restaurant. You will be served on the rhythms of Chinese lounge music and you will be able to enjoy a culinary adventure while serving cocktails based on tea.

The restaurant is downtown Burj Dubai.



The name of the restaurant means “waves”, so don’t be astonished when you will find a large menu based on seafood. Inspired from the international cuisine, this offers a multitude of delicious options for all tastes.

The address of Amwaj is Sheikh Zayed Road.

Harry Ghatto’s


A mix between a restaurant, a bar and a lounge, this offers specialties of the Japanese cuisine. Karaoke is another thing you may enjoy in this establishment besides food. Sing along or simply listen to others while enjoying good and healthy food.

The address is Sheikh Zayed Road.



Indian atmosphere, Indian food, vibrant options, luxury, hospitality. All in all, Dubai. You will absolutely love this restaurant that will surely exceed your expectations.

The restaurant is located on Sheikh Zayed Road.

These are the places you should not miss while in Dubai. Eat well, visit the attractions and have the time of your life. You will surely not regret visiting Dubai.

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Visiting Dubai With The One You Love…

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… but with whom you are not married is a great, yet dangerous idea.

An unmarried couple from the United Kingdom faced three months in a Dubai prison after the man and the woman were caught having sex on a beach while being drunk. The news, reported by Instablogs in 2008, draw the attention of British people, who wandered if the couple would have been judged in the same way if the incident would have happened in England.

The news came as a wake-up call for all those visiting beautiful and exotic Dubai.

If you are planning to travel to that part of the world, do not forget that the cultural differences are huge. Especially if you travel accompanied with a man or a woman whom you are not married to, you need to respect some important rules. Arabs do not accept couple living together while unmarried, still, tourists have some advantages in comparison.

Here are the things you need to know and respect when traveling to Dubai with the one you love:

  • You will be allowed to share a room because the hotel employees don’t ask for a marriage certificate and in the Arabic world is normal for a woman to keep her maiden name. To avoid problems refer to the one you are traveling with as your husband or wife.
  • No PDA! Public display of affection is a strict no-no in Dubai. No matter how much you love the one you are traveling with, keep it private or you risk landing in jail.
  • Don’t dress provocatively. Even if it’s a romantic trip, you both need to keep covered. Dress decent and conservative.
  • If you want to enjoy champagne together, do it in the places where it is legal to serve alcohol. Arabs don’t drink, so you need to understand that you can’t cross the line with these things. Enjoy drinks in the resort and don’t try to squeeze it outside because it will be like screaming for trouble.
  • Stay together. Arab women are not aloud to walk, travel or drive without the consent of their fathers or husbands. The rules are not so strict for foreigners, but as long as you are on the territory of Dubai, you should better be safe than sorry.

If you dream of having the most romantic holiday, holding hands and kissing under the moonlight, you haven’t chose the best destination. If you still want to visit Dubai with your loved one, you can do it, but respecting the rules and regulations that Arabs impose.

It will be worth it, just check the video bellow and you will understand why.

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The Man-Made Islands Of Dubai Are Sinking

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Dubbed as the “eight wonder of the modern world”, the man-made islands located in Dubai are beautiful, impressive, expensive and… sinking! Fortunately for those living in the city, not all islands developed this problem, yet. The World, an archipelago of islands shaped like the countries is the main problem right now. Apparently, the World is now sinking back into the sea, as erosion and deterioration is a huge problem it has. As if this was not enough, not only the man who developed it, Nakheel is in trouble. Some of those who have bough countries are also affected by the financial crisis. The owner of Ireland, who paid 24 million pounds for the island when he bought it, John O’Dolan committed suicide. Safi Quarashi, the one that paid 43 million pounds for Britain is now in prison after he was caught in a scandal regarding false documents and cheques. Although a spokesperson for the developer of the World insists that in the last three years there was no proof that the archipelago is really sinking, representatives of Penguin Marine, the company which should have provided transportation in the area say that all the work that was being made at the World stopped.


However, the World is not the first try of making such islands, as the famed Burj Al Arab, the only 7-star hotel in the world is also located on such an area. Its construction began in 1997 and it still does not have any problem in present. If taken into consideration that the project represented by the Burj Al Arab was a shy one, while the World is a huge one, it may be understandable that building enormous artificial islands in the same manner in which a smaller one was made back in the 1990s is not safe. Palm Jumeirah is a small palm tree-shaped island, one of three included in the project. The work on the site began in 2001 and the first residents of it arrived in 2007.



What will happen with the man-made islands? Or what will happen with the World archipelago? Only time can tell. Nakheel, the developer of the project says everything is OK and the project is only slowed down a little bit because of the financial crisis which affected his company, while others, like those from Penguin Marine insist that the project is actually in a coma and it will soon be abandoned, although Nakheel does not want to admit such a thing.

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Exotic Tourism In The Area Where Is Dubai

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Although Dubai is such a famous and exotic destination, many people have no idea where is Dubai actually located on the map and in the world. Dubai is one emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The most interesting fact about the area is the in the Emirates most of the people, about 60% are Asians and Westerners, while Emirati are a minority in their own land, only 16% of population. The president of the UAE is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The total area of the UAE is of 32,278 square miles with a negligible amount of water. For tourists, the area of the Emirates is very exotic and attractive and it is the home of numerous points of interest. Although these states are Arabic, the population prefers the Hollywood movies and the English singing stars like Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Coldplay, Elton John, Pink and Shakira. The music scene of the Emirates is also very rich, with singers like Tarkan, Amr Diab and Diana Haddad.

Sharjah is one of the largest cities in the Emirates and is a hub of culture and commerce. The most famous area in the city is Al Qasba and is practically the eye of the Emirates. It offers a panoramic view of Dubai and of all the close attractions that draw tourists to the UAE. Al Qasba Musical Fountain is one of the attractions of this area of Sharjah with beautiful water dancing on the beats of music. The area is also perfect for those who love food, as the gastronomical offer of the Emirates is large, exotic and delicious.

The Heritage District of the city located in the area where is Dubai is the home of 17 museums. In 1998, Sharjah was the Cultural Capital of the Arab World. Another important attraction near Dubai is the Al Quoz area with a large number of art galleries. In Abu Dhabi, the point of interest is given by the indigenous and foreign art galleries located in the center. The area of Dubai is a really beautiful one. The United Arabic Emirates are amazing and make a great holiday destination. Although for women, traveling alone might be a bit difficult, a trip in the UAE should not be missed. This kind of journey represents a wonderful experience thanks to all the beautiful things that can be visited in the Emirates.

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Where Is Dubai City

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If you want to travel to this destination, but you have no idea where is Dubai City, you can simply read about it online. Many people travel to Dubai, but they never mention where is Dubai. Actually, this is because most of them are not very concerned with such a thing that they consider to be a detail. If you heard about a beauties of Dubai and you want to know where is Dubai City, in order to find more about it, we can offer you some details. You should first of all know where is Dubai City. It is located in Dubai, one of the emirates from the United Arab Emirates, also known as UAE. If you are interested where is Dubai City located in the country, you should find out that it is in a superb area. The city is on the northern coastline of the country.

Flying to Dubai is great, because the country and also the city have a wonderful climate all through the year. Maybe this is the reason why this is such a beloved travel destination for many people. Many people wonder where is Dubai, because they do not have exact information about the other emirates. In the Persian Gulf, Dubai shares borders with three other emirates. If you are interested in vacationing in the country and even in the city, you should know where is Dubai and exactly which are its neighbors.

Where is Dubai is very important because you may no be able to visit the other emirates and you have to make sure you reach this one and no other. Near Dubai there is Abu Dhabi in the south, the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast and also Sharjah in the northeast. These are not so famous destinations and it is hard to visit this countries. This is why you should know exactly where is Dubai before taking the decision to plan a trip there. Dubai is located in the Arabian Desert and before leaving for it, you should not all about its climate, because it is different of those of the other emirates. Learn everything about where is Dubai and about the perfect conditions for a holiday there and visit this amazing emirate and also the city with the same name.

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Many People Have No Idea Where Is Dubai

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Where is Dubai is a phrase that is often searched on Google, because many people do not have any geography information. Most of them have no idea how the cities in their area are called, not to mention information about such an exotic place. If you are wondering where is Dubai, you should know that it is in Asia. You need more specific information about where is Dubai? The state of Dubai belongs to the United Arab Emirates, actually it is also called an emirate. Within the state, there is also a city called Dubai, which is its seat. The emirate is located in the Persian Gulf and on the Arabian Peninsula. The area where is Dubai is extremely beautiful and thanks to this, it has a lot of visitors, although it is an Arabic country where foreigners should have a certain behavior.

The location where is Dubai City is also beautiful and is famous for the very tall buildings raised in different architectural styles. If people would travel where is Dubai City, they would have the chance to admire the works of many famous American architects. It is a pity that many Americans have no idea where is Dubai because the beautiful landscape of the city was highly influenced by New York and Chicago architecture companies. Also, in the same place where is Dubai, tourists can admire the famous Burj al Arab, the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the world and Burj al Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, that has 2,722.57 feet.

Many people also have no idea that where is Dubai they can enter a new world of taste, because the Arabic food is great and delicious. The shawarma is a very popular food in the city and in the whole country and tourists can find it anywhere, on the streets or in the most expensive eateries. Although Dubai is a very beautiful country and Dubai City an amazing city and a great holiday destination, many people have no idea where is Dubai and they miss the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting places in the world.

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Find Out Where Is Dubai

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Dubai is an extraordinary place, a city located in the United Arab States. Dubai is close to the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf and is also one of the most modern cities in the world. Its architecture amazes any tourist and catches the eyes. It is not only an amazing spot, but also a very rich one, being known as the City of Gold. It has numerous attractions, so a trip to this place will surely be an unforgettable experience for anyone.

The place where is Dubai is an amazing and fascinating area. Visiting this place, it is as if you will be in a different world. In case you still cannot figure out where is Dubai, then you have to know that lies within the Arabian Desert, having mainly a sandy desert  pattern landscape. To locate the area where is Dubai, then find out that is right in the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates.  If you think about going on a trip to this fascinating city, but still cannot locate it properly, then find out that the area where is Dubai shares its borders with Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the Sultanate of Oman. Its neighbors may give you a better clue about where is Dubai situated.

Where is Dubai, the area is amazing and the landscape is unusual. It also includes the Western Hajar Mountains, Dubai Creek, the Empty Quarter desert. Knowing where is Dubai, potential tourists will find out more about this place and will finally decide if this is the destination they will choose for the summer holiday.  They can figure out better where is Dubai using a map or Google maps. The latter option, helps them locate better where is Dubai, but also measure the distances, so they can think if there will be enough time to visit the most important attractions. Moreover, they will also have to plan which means of transport to use. The area where is Dubai is rich in petroleum. Tourists will be charmed and amazed by what Dubai has to offer. Choosing this destination, it is a very wise decision and they will be completely fascinated.

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Where Is Dubai Airport

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Most people are extremely passionate about traveling, so they want to see as many places as possible. If, however, you have not seen Dubai, then you have seen nothing. Dubai is an amazing city and its vibes will conquer you instantly. This is why you probably wonder where is Dubai. This question has been raised a lot in the last few years, as more and more people want to know where is Dubai, in order to move on with their traveling plans. If you do not know where is Dubai, you cannot know how you will be traveling, which is the best means of transport to use, or how long will the journey take.

Well, Dubai is located on the northern coastline of the United Arab Emirates, at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. So this is where is Dubai located. Now that we have made that clear, you should know that if you come to Dubai, you will most likely be landing on Dubai International Airport. So, where is Dubai Airport? The airport is situated in the Al Garhoud district, which is 2.5 miles (4 km) away from Dubai, in the southeast direction. Since you now know where is Dubai Airport is, here is some information on the features and amenities that it offers. First, Dubai International Airport is a major aviation hub of the whole Middle East, being also the main airport serving Dubai and the surrounding area.

The airport carries a huge number of passengers every year. In fact, nearly 60 million passengers flew through Dubai International Airport in 2011, proving that it has en enormous traffic. There are more than 6000 flights on a weekly basis, which are operated by 130 airlines. These statistics made it the 13th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic and the 4th busiest airport in the world in terms of international passenger traffic. No wonder, thus, that the airport provides great amenities, including numerous retail shops, eating outlets, garden areas, Internet, games facilities, prayer rooms, spas, gym, swimming pool, showers, lounge areas, children’s playing areas, televisions, and even hotels. Not only that you now know where is Dubai and its airport, but you can also get a picture of the kind of luxury that you will meet here.

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The Answer to the Question Where Is Dubai

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Planning a holiday has become very easy nowadays, especially since you get the chance to visit so many wonderful places by means of airplanes. There are so many places worth seeing worldwide, that selecting a holiday destination is probably the most challenging part of the planning process. Well, here is a great idea: visit Dubai! I am sure that when you read this, most of you are wondering where is Dubai. The question where is Dubai has been on the top of many people’s lips, because there are many interesting things that happen there.

So let’s establish once and for all where is Dubai located. Dubai is one of the greatest cities in the northeastern United Arab Emirates, with a population of 2.262.000 people, according to the 2010 census, and many more visitors every year. It is located on a shore on the southern Gulf area, stretching on about 115 kilometres. Dubai is positioned between 25°16’ North and 55°16’ East and it spans on a total area of no less than 3885 square kilometres, which made it the second largest among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. If you want to know where is Dubai from the perspective of its boundaries, you should know that it is located along the Trucial Coast of the Emirates, being bound on the other side by the great Arabian Golf. Other neighbours of Dubai include Sharjah and Mina Jebel Ali, but the city also shares borders with Abu Dhabbi and Oman.

Now that we have established where is Dubai, it is time to learn a few things about its attractions. Well, Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world, so it provides numerous cultural, recreational and entertainment possibilities for everyone, according to all ages, budgets and tastes. While in Dubai, do not miss seeing the famous hotel Burj Al Arab, the Deira Clocktower, the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, the artificial islands, the numerous traditional restaurants and the immense and luxurious shopping malls. So now, when someone will ask you where is Dubai, you will finally know the answer to this question. And if a holiday is foreseen in the near future, do not hesitate to consider Dubai as your destination.

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